Tony Botes

Security Association of South Africa (SASA)

Tony has been active in the Private Security Sector since the mid 1980’s and has served the industry in various capacities. He entered the private security industry in 1986. Tony was the Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman of SANSEA (South African National Security Employers Association), Transvaal Region, during the 1990’s, and the National Vice Chairman and Chairman of SANSEA during the same period.

Adriaan Bosch

Buro Happold

Adriaan Bosch is a distinguished consultant with more than two decades of expertise in Physical Security, Loss Prevention, and Risk Management. Partnering with a team of seasoned experts, Adriaan devises comprehensive security strategies for multinational companies and various organizations, navigating some of the most challenging global environments.

Filipe Joel de Almeida

Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)

Professional path centered in the Security, IT & Risk Management areas and a degree in Management, with great connection and responsibilities supporting Business Operations.

Extensive experience in designing and implementing systems that allow the optimization of processes to a greater control of the operations, focused in increasing the Business Resilience & Sustainability.

Eva Nolle

ASIS South Africa

Eva Nolle is the co-founder and Director of Operations for Ceravoid (Pty) Ltd, a commercial intelligence firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Amongst others, the company provides due diligence enquiries, background screenings, country risk assessments, market entry analysis as well as commercial and fraud investigations.