Date: 3rd June, 2021
Time: 11am GMT+2
Venue: Online

Winners will be revealed at a virtual awards ceremony following a Security Thought Leadership Webinar organised in collaboration with Securex South Africa.  

The event will provide a chance to listen to expert speakers and take part in the discussion on “We have a ‘new normal’ but do we have a ‘new security’ to match? Examining the implications for South Africa” and is free to attend.

Thought Leadership Discussion:

Worldwide societies are adapting to the experiences of the pandemic. We have learnt in previous webinars about the ways in which society has had to adjust to restrictions and the role security has played. But what now? Is there an opportunity to build on the experiences of the last year or so, or has that world gone and we are back to where we were? What changes will last into the post pandemic world, what are the good things that need to be harnessed? What behaviours and attitudes do we need to jettison? Is this likely to happen and why? What are the characteristics of South Africa that will be presented as challenges and opportunities? This webinar will:

  • Discuss the adaptations made by the security sector in South Africa
  • Examine the emerging post pandemic experiences
  • Discuss the barriers to developing a better security and how they can be managed

Tony Botes – Ingulule Consulting and Security Association of South Africa
Doraval Govender PhD., SOE, F.I.S – Department of Criminology and Security Science at UNISA and ASIS International South Africa
Andre du Venage – Secure Logistics and Transport Asset Protection Association